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Disneyland 2010 Photos On Flickr!

Disneyland 2010 Family PicIt’s been awhile since I updated. Got a couple of good posts brewin’ – hope to get ’em done during Thanksgiving break. In the meantime, I have uploaded half our photos from the Disneyland 2010 trip this month. Go here. If you click on Photosets, you will see one named 11-2010_Disneyland. As always, you can also click on a Girl’s name at the left to see a filtered list of just that munchkin.

Disneyland was pure craziness and pure joy. Four is still more than three – especially while travelling. Lots of stories to tell about all that – from celebrity sightings to Ride Math. A special thanks to Jenn and Grandma and Grandpa Barsness and Aunt Rachel, without whom our sanity and our photos would be sorely lacking. More later this week!

Here’s a few more not in the feed…