One of My Heroes

Dad and MeAll of my life, my Dad has been someone who I can look up to.  As a kid I was always a Daddy’s girl.  My Dad was a superhero to me.  There was nothing he couldn’t fix and nothing he wasn’t strong enough to lift.  He was a person of character. He treated people with respect and was always there to help out.  There wasn’t a problem he couldn’t solve.

But my Dad was also the person who helped define my faith.  We may not have had long spiritual talks, but I watched him live his faith every day.  Life has not been easy for him.  He has had more than his share of losses.  When I was only six months old my Mother died, then a couple of years later he had to bury my oldest sister.  He was blessed to marry my Mom when I was three.  But he lost his Mom when I was in third grade, his Dad a couple of years later, and then his oldest brother.  We joke with him that having surgies is one of his hobbies.  I can’t list the surgeries that he has had.  And he has successfully battled cancer — twice.  I don’t list these things to make you feel sorry for him, but I want you to see what he has gone through.  He has walked a path with a lot of hardships but you would never know by looking at him.  He has never questioned God or asked “Why me?” His faith has never wavered.  He always believed and knew that God would get him through it.

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