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03.31.2007 9:49 pm
First update since AUGUST??!!!!??!?!?! Ugh. For the two of you who still look at this site, here’s the scoop – Dad is busy. But we have been continually updating our FLICKR PAGE (click to visit) with photos. Be sure to check that one, as it will get more updated.

We took the girls in for a ONE YEAR OLD photo shoot. Their birthday is Friday, thie party Saturday. You can go to FLICKR or check out this nifty photo spread I made to see the shots:

Click to  open the 1 YEAR PHOTO SHOOT ALBUM
Hard to believe a year has gone by – and easy too. So much waiting, praying, and hoping became a flurry of activity trying to raise two of the most creative, active, hilarious, beautiful girls I have ever seen (I’m biased – but I’m allowed to be). Today Janae and Corinne both were standing unaided for several seconds and taking steps when we hold their hands. Just a matter of days or weeks now and they will be running around the house. Crazy!

I am stopping tonight to be thankful. Specifically to be thankful, because I am constantly in awe, and aware every second of what a miraculous gift they both are. The best part of my job is that I work from home most days, so I can pop out of the office and see them whenever I like – and I like to often :-).

Corinne was the first born. I suppose with twins birth order doesn’t mean a lot, but she was first by a minute. She is mostly gentle and sweet and quieter than her sister, but she is also very kinetic – always in motion, likes to crawl and climb and be constantly moving. She likes to be social, but she also needs time to herself to play on her own. If she doesn’t get that, she gets a little frustrated and will let you know she has had enough of sister. Recently she has begun to talk a lot, a VERY cute ga-ga kind of baby talk that adds syllables, intensity, frequency and volume every day. I am convinced I have taught her to say “hi kitty” when our cat comes around. She can stand up unaided now, and was the first to crawl by about a month. She’s still almost three pounds lighter than her sister. She has figured out most of the activities on the play house we got for them – including turning the radio on, which she likes a lot.

Janae has been vocal from birth. That, I think, will never change. Her “happy sound” is a high, piercing scream of joy that can break glass. I can always hear her from a distance. I am quite sure she says “daddy”, though you could also say it’s “duh.” Let me have my fantasy. Janae needs constant interaction – she isn’t happy if there aren’t people talking directly with her, and will jump into the middle of whatever her sister is doing – sometimes violently. Crawling was optional in her mind – she spent a lot of time rolling from one side of the room to the other with great skill. She also love the cat, and she and her sister have been learning to pet him nicely (rather than grab handfuls of hair). The funniest thing about the cat is that he lets them grab at him, chase him, corner him – he is very gentle with them. Lucky for him. If he wasn’t, he would be getting to know life in a barn again. Janae is also rapidly figuring out toys – especially those that involve putting balls or blocks into holes.

They both love new experiences and the outside world. They especially love speed and motion and we haven’t found anything they’re particularly afraid of yet, except maybe being left in a nursery – still trying to work that out :-). They have also been remarkably healthy – only one major cold, one major stomach virus, and all the other normal maladies (teething, throwing up…stuff from the other end…). They are hilarious, and I think they know it. they love to laugh – all you have to do is start llaughing and they will join you.

It’s been a great year, the first of a lifetime. we are amazed, blessed, proud, and loving llife as parents – well worth the wait! Pray for Corinne and Janae’s health, safety, and spirits as we do, and we’ll see those of you who can join us for their b-day extravaganza this Saturday!

08.20.06 6:02 pm
Flickr, don’t pickr.
A major update – we are using to organize and share our photos – hopefully this willmean more update more quickly. Two ways to access:

06.29.06 1:10 pm
Ground control to Major Tom…

Back on the website. And after such a long absence, it seems necessary to add MAJOR updates. Here they are:

05.04.06 8:30 pm


As you may have guessd, it has been difficult to get to updating the website, what with the feedings and all. But for those of you still reading – here’s a little reward – PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS!


04.10.06 7:30 pm


It took all day, but we finally made it home! The day started with feedings, a hearing test for the girls, and lots more I can’t remember. They told Stacey she would be released as soon as the doctor came by, so we packed up her room and I took twelve trips to the van. To get the four bouquets of flowers out, I loaded them in the stroller. I got lots of comments on the way out. Make up your own (“Mom had flowers instead of a baby, huh?”).

The girls were finally released after we were given and taught to use a think called a Bili Blanket, which is basically a bili light attached to the baby’s back (24 hours a day) and plugged into a machine and then into the wall. The effect is that they have this Matrix-looking tail coming out of their pajamas, and they can’t go anywhere until they are off the lights. This is to get the jaundice out of their system. Could take a day or maybe longer. We will have a visit from a nurse every day to get a blood test.

So, after being properly trained and getting a lot of gifts of supplies from the Special Care Nursery folk, we were realeased. I looked at my watch as we were driving away – 4:00 pm. I have just finished settling everyone in, unloading the van, feeding the girls and us. Special thanks to the Arments for bringing us a WONDERFUL dinner – saved a lot of time and energy!

The girls are sleeping away in their cribs, happy as clams. I hope to take some pictures later – the bili blankets are something to see – but until then, I will sign off and try to get a little work done. Thanks to the three of you still reading this. You know who you are. Dad out.


04.09.06 8:00 pm
Almost home…

The girls have passed all their “tests” so far today. Some are blood tests, some are funny tests – like the “premie car seat test,” which is basically putting the twins in their car seats for an hour, hooking them up to a monitor and seeing if they keep breathing okay. To the lovely folk who bought us the car seats, we’d like you to know they have passed the hospital’s scrutiny and are approved 🙂

There is a list of “going home” items with stars for each one completed. Only a couple of stars left. Today I applied for their birth certificates and filled out loads of other papers. They are still in bili beds, and we should know soon if they will need these at home. But they are eating well and in good temperature shape, so they will go home regardless of that. Stacey is in good spirits and ready to go home – walking, eating, nursing – ready!

We hope to be home tomorrow night. I will update then – maybe with video of their home coming – if I can still hold a mouse…


04.09.06 11:00 am
The girls are out of their Isolettes! For those of you who haven’t seen those, they are basically what most people call and inubator – a clear plastic house that keeps the temperature controlled. They are on “bili beds” , which is a special light that treats jaundice. Jaundice is caused by extra red blood cells leaving the body. They aren’t jaundiced now, so this is just a precaution in case they get there.

The final step is temperature regulation – they seem to be holding their body temp just fine – and are eating tons! Stacey has been going over to help with feedings and getting more milk production herself. Turns out Corinne just needs mom to feed her and she scarfs it down!

Stacey is getting much better. Her stomach is not distended and the gas is improving. She is able to eat and is taking control of what she eats – requesting specific foods that she knows will work better for her, not just what’s on the menu.

The doctors on both sides say tomorrow is the day. Stacey needs to be on cummidin (anti-coagulant – same deal as the drugs she’s been taking all pregnancy, but a pill instead of a shot – yay!), so the holdup for her will be word from the anti-coag. clinic, which doesn’t open until Monday.

As for the girls, they will be watched all day for jaundice and temperature, but they should be released tomorrow (if they need more photo-therapy, there is a group that sets the billy beds up at your house).

Pray for the transition to happen, and for strength as we make the shift to a whole new life! And check out the “mom meets the twins” video – CLICK HERE.

04.08.06 2:20 pm
I am now full-time superdad (well, maybe just Dad).


The twins, of course, have to eat every three hours. We have weaned them off of the IV fluids, and the IVs have been removed!! That’s STEP ONE to going home. STEP TWO is being able to eat. Stacey’s supply is still coming in, so we are bottle feeding. Yesterday they asked me if I would like to feed them (I thought they’d never ask), so i have been doing the bottles every three hours. Janae is an oinker – she sucks down over an ounce in less than 5 minutes. Corinne takes more coaxing – mostly because she likes to fall asleep during the feeding. But once you get her going, she does the whole thing. They have been eating over their required amount, urinating, and both have had bowel movements (yes, I am changing the diapers. Yes muconium is a pain. Yes, I have had detailed instructions fromt he nurses on how to do all this. And they think I’m doing a pretty good job).

The doctor came in to the girls room this morning. He said he was ready to start getting them out of their Isolettes (LAST STEP). He began by taking the oxygen sensor off them. Now we are working to get them to regulate temperature, then they can be discharged from the special care nursery – probably tonight or first thing tomorrow.

Stacey is improving. She has been walking a lot today and trying to get all the body functions normalized. She is in a tremendous amount of pain from gas and some cramping, so pray that she gets relief in those areas. Doctors are thinking she could go home Monday.

If I had to guess, I would say the girls will be joining us in the room tomorrow and everyone will be ready to go home Monday – let’s pray that is so! I took a little video of Stacey with the girls, so I’ll try to get that up – look for a link on the front page when it is ready – or check the video page (click here) for updates.


04.07.06 4:20 pm
Some folk have been on me to update – sorry – long day with no breaks – I have a few quiet moments so I’ll give you the skinny…

Everyone is doing well – Mom, Corinne, and Janae. Lots of visitors – it’s been so great seeing you all – thanks so much for stopping by to encourage us. It’s a little like they’re belong to all of us!

Corinne and Janae are breathing normally. The doc told me this morning his last concerns were temperature regulation and feeding. The goal is to wean them off their IVs. Stacey was able to get into a wheel chair and go over. She was even able to nurse each of them for a full meal (using formula in a syringe in addition to colostrum). In my opinion, they are learning to eat like champs – I will wait to see what the doc has to say.

That adventure took a lot out of Stacey. She came back and was in a lot of pain. Turns out this was because they had taken her catheter out and her bladder was 98% full! She is now off the IV but back on catheter and resting well.

Pray for babies who stay interested in nursing, doctors who believe in their abilities, and strength for Stacey. Dad out.

04.06.2006 – update 4 – 6:30 pm

Stacey got to go to the nursery and see the girls – she even got to hold Janae for awhile – lot of pain, but well worth it!

04.06.2006 – update 3

The girls will be in the special care nursery overnight – we can still visit them and have guests in there, but they are hooking up IVs and observing. Still difficulty breathing, but they ARE improving. This will give Mom a day to rest up :-).

04.06.2006 – update 2

Girls are still in the nursery – breathing is hard for them. The doc says they will be given an IV to eat if they aren’t better in an hour or so. Stacey is resting – lots of meds.


It’s a girl…and a girl (whew!). After a sleepless night and a trying surgery, Stacey delivered two healthy baby girls – stats AND PHOTOS – click the links below for photos.

The c-section went fairly well. We got in sometime after 9:00 am and the girls were born without incident. the bottom placenta was growing into the uterus, which required much more surgery for Stacey. They think they got it all out, but more tests will be required – please pray as this will make the recovery more difficult.

As for the girls (drumroll please)

CORINNE (maiden) GABRIELA (God is my strength) Arnold (no relation to Benedict) was born first at 9:47 am. 5 pounds 14.3 ounces. 18.5 ” long. Apgar 9.9.

Janae (God has answered ) Elizabeth (God is my oath) Arnold (no relation to Tom ) was born second at 9:48 am. 5 pounds 10 ounces. 18.5 ” long. Apgar 7.9.

They were taken to the nursery, where they are now, for observation for at least four hours. They were having a little trouble breathing, but that seems to have cleared up mostly – just keeping an eye on things…


The doctors say it’s a go – the amniocentesis came out “mature.” C-section scheduled for 9:00 am April 6th, 2006

The moment we’ve all been waiting for… we went in today for a final non-stress test and amniocentesis to see if the twins were “mature” yet (they should have done that test on me – I think I would have failed). The amnio was tough – two big needle, but Stacey survived it well. Then the waiting. Finally, this afternoon we got the word – the results are positive! We will go in tomorrow at 7:00 am to be admitted. The c-section itself will be at 9:00 am. As many of you know, one of the baby’s placentas is fully covering the cervix, so a c-section is necessary. Please be praying that all goes well – it’s a slightly more risky delivery because of that. We will be delivering at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland. Many have wanted to stop by – feel free. But be warned – you will have to say something into the video camera – sort of a digital monument for their 18th birthday or wedding or something…

The bags are packed, the car seats are in the car, the room is ready, and Dad is just a little excited at the moment…

A WORD OF THANKS – thank you to all of you who have prayed with us, cried with us, and rejoiced with us. Thanks for all the wonderful gifts – people ask me what I need, and the answer is “I don’t know.” There is so much stuff – I’m sure we have two of everything ever made for babies. We are blessed, and we are overwhelmed by your kindness.

For those of you who have been pestering us about the names – you’re only 16 hours away…

“…the LORD remembered her. So in the course of time Hannah conceived and gave birth…” – I Samuel 1

Tomorrow we receive the answer we have been praying for 9 years.

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