When Normal is a Miracle

Ella in a SwingWe are home. Mom and baby are sleeping. Ella is eating well, doing…other bodily function things well. All is well. And…perfectly normal. Here she is in a swing (or as we like to call it, “The Sanity Saver”).

I was thinking about the road Ella took into the world. It was by no means easy on Stacey (being pregnant while having three girls four and under already is no picnic). It was by no means simple – having a baby never is. But the pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum hospital stay were, by all accounts, routine, unremarkable, and entirely normal.

This means something to us. Our first two pregnancies were far from normal. They began with medical assistance and were considered high risk the whole way through. Compared to Janae, Corinne, and Maya, Ella had:

  • The longest gestation. The twins were born at 36 weeks, Maya at barely 37, Ella at 39.
  • No jaundice, bili blankets, bili beds, or home photo therapy.
  • Just over 48 hours in the hospital.
  • No long term stay in Special Care Nursery.

Ella was conceived against all odds. No one thought it medically possible. Having her here is a one in a billion shot. Everyone who hears the story says “she is a miracle baby.” So true. Even more than you know. It is a miracle she was conceived. Her time in the womb was miraculous. Her birth and first few days have been astonishing.

All because they’ve been so ridiculously normal.

It makes me marvel and the goodness of God. The Bible always talks about “signs and wonders.” We know signs are to point to a specific truth, fact, or action item. But wonders? They are intended to leave us breathless and speechless at the beauty, power, and grace of our Father. And I am. We asked for a baby for a long time before the twins. I think God sent along this little wonder to remind us that He answered then, but is also able to do more than we could ever ask or imagine.

I am thankful for the miracle of normal.

Now a video of our “Wide-Eyed Wonder Girl.”


As you can see from my blog I am an open book. Always glad to have just about any conversation J. I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “unfinished business”, or “what is still lingering or unresolved or buried” between you and I that is related to what I have posted on my blog, but I interested in discussing it and learning what you mean.


  1. Oh………..I love it and say “amen and amen”. God does the miraculous and I love reading about it. God is so cool. I want to hear the “story” later because I didn’t think it was possible to get pregnant for you guys. Love God and ALL He does. He does answer our prayers……..just not always as we expected or in our timing. Congratulations!

  2. According to 10 years of trying and lots of doctors’ reports, it was. We showed them! Here’s the post from my other blog that tells part of the story:


    And here is the message from the Redwood Hills Church podcast where I go into more detail on teh whole journey:


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