Enter Ella!

We are officially a family of six! I will be signing up for Brad and Leah Fox’s next class on “How to Survive Four Young Children.” I have been trying to post an update all day but it’s been chaotic – it always is. Here’s the rundown:

5:30 am. Alarm goes off. I shoot alarm with .44 Magnum. In my head. In real life, I drag my sorry carcass out of bed. Ugh.

6:30 am. Stacey’s Mom arrives to take over twins and Maya duties for a few days. Thanks Grandma!

7:30 am. We arrive at the hospital and get checked in. We learn that despite my assurances to the contrary, the c-section is scheduled for 9:15, not 9am. I still think I was right. Its the rest of the world that got it wrong.

9:10 am. We head to the OR. When we arrive, we are told there is an emergent case before us and we will be delayed. We head back to our room for another hour.

10:10 am. Back to the OR. For reals this time. Stacey gets a spinal anesthetic. It doesn’t take. It has to be redone a second time.

10:47 am. Ella is born! There was much rejoicing. Yaaaaay. She is 7 lbs 8 oz (our biggest baby yet). She is 20″ long. Apgar is 8/9. She is having a bit of trouble breathing. After seeing that her sats drop into the 80s on room air, the special care nurse is recalled. She decides to take her up to the Special Care Nursery.

I must stop here to elaborate. The twins were both in SCN, which is one step below the NICU, but comes with a lot of the same restrictions. They were there four days. The SCN is way at the other end of the building from the normal patient rooms. Mom doesn’t get to see baby until she can get up and walking. And once you are in SCN, there is a long checklist to get out. We were very much praying she would be able to breathe better soon and avoid all that.

The first phase in SCN is a four hour observation period. After that, she is admitted. I kept running back and forth between Stacey’s room and Ella’s room to keep up with it (deja vu all over again). She was getting better and better. On my final trip over, I found the nurse giving her a bath and preparing to feed her – a very good sign! She was able to eat (suck, swallow, breathe – the first thing you learn in life) and pinked up after the bath. I should rephrase – the bath made her angry, so she screamed and turned red all over. Just like Corinne. And Maya.

So somewhere in the 3:30 range Ella got to come over to Mom’s room. We’re all together now! Ella is starting to nurse, and Mom is stoked to have her close. All is well in babyland.

Just after we got Ella moved in Stacey’s brother and sister-in-law and their three kids came by, followed immediately by Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Rachel, and Ella’s sisters Janae, Corinne, and Maya. At one point we had 6 children running around the waiting room, and got a stern, well-deserved talking to from the nurse on duty. It was great seeing everyone, and perfect timing for everyone to come by and welcome Ella. Janae and Corinne got to hold their new baby sister and give her presents. Quotes of the day from the twins:

Janae: Mommy, why are you just laying there so much?

Corinne: Mommy, now that Ella is out of your tummy can you go to Disneyland and ride roller coasters with us?

Things are mellow now at 6:30 pm. Ella is getting some Mom time and had a great first feeding. Dad is getting some blogging time. All is right with the world :-). Here is the only video I’ve gotten uploaded as yet. The rest and a slew of photos coming soon. Maybe after I get a nap. Or some coffee. Decisions, decisions.

Thanks to everyone who called, stopped by, texted, and Facebooked – your prayers and well wishes are a great support to us.


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